4 Top Stories Tonight

Team Libre just returned from one of its autumnal adventures into the wilds of Norte America.

We encountered sea lions larger than most Kias. We found amazing vistas and forged new trails with the widebody stroller-throne where Little Libre sits. We ate like wildebeests.

We listened to kids’ music CDs in the LibreWagen on auto-repeat a grand total of about 8,000 times. We saw some great friends. We had a fantastic time, and we were ecstatic to get home when it was all done with.

I (not we) also read some awesome blogostuffs these past several days, some of which is really inspiring, introspective, informative, and other complimentary words beginning in “i.”

Collectively, these posts are the top story.

4 Top Stories Tonight
4 Top Stories Tonight

1. Made With Bits of Real Panther

“It’s made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good.” –Brian Fantana

Much like the pungent Anchorman aftershave that works 60% of the time, every time, a recent article by Financial Panther really delivers.

La Pantera addresses the core issue that holds lots of people back from achieving their financial aspirations: Specifically, they’re looking to get extraordinary results from workaday efforts. You know, like a free ride. Or a free lunch. Or something else great without really working for it.

But they’re more likely to get hosed down in the loading bay and have their finances compared to a raccoon stuck in the copier than they are to get great results.

(If you’re not familiar with Anchorman or its various nuggets of wisdom or the Sex Panther references made herein, you are dismissed for precisely 2 hours to remedy that deficiency.)

2. Why Ask Why

Do they even make Bud Dry anymore? My feeling is the Bud Dry recipe probably would do great if it were rebranded as “Cerveza Seca de la Pantera” and sold only in repurposed mason jars by a craft brewer operating out of the back of a rusted out El Camino sitting on blocks in the loading bay of a local San Diego TV news outfit.

One reason craft brewers do so well these days? They do an amazing job of getting the “Why” part of business right…or at least convincing consumers they’ve got it right. It’s an “authenticity” thing. And it’s powerful branding. And, with beer at least, branding is everything.

But “Why” has a super-powerful role in personal finance as well, as Amanda over at Centsiblyrich reminds us. She walks through some great thought exercises to help refine a vision for life. And she summarizes the article with what could very easily be a tagline for a craft brewer: “What is your Why?”

Note: Should anyone run with this beer branding idea, I’d recommend running commercials with a waterskiing squirrel named Nutty. Nutty is super authentic.

“That squirrel can water ski!” –Ron Burgundy

3. Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor! Doctor Kenneth Noisewater.

My bro PoF at PhysicianOnFire does some sweet computation comparing tithing and investment fees.

Now, readers of FinanciaLibre know that I’m a jerk, so I don’t really like giving to charity. And I’m cheap, so I don’t really like donating to investment companies’ bottom lines.

But lots of people do like giving to charity. And even more people pay outlandish investment fees. And some people who might like to donate to charity don’t because they feel like they can’t swing it. And lots of those people probably pay outlandish investment fees that dwarf any charitable gifts they might make.

So PoF lays out the numbers like they’re on an operating table. And slices into them. And nips here and tucks there. And stitches everything together in a narrative that will hopefully help people give more to charities (if they want) by cutting back their investment fees where possible (which they should).

Stylistically, the PoF article can only be compared to a jazz flute solo performance at a dinner club. (This is a compliment.)

4. Glass Case of Emotion

If you’ve ever felt like your financial situation was the rough equivalent of having your pet Baxter punted off an overpass by Jack Black, then it’s possible you haven’t been aligning your personal finance life with your true values.

Carrie Rattle at Behavioral Cents goes for the entire wheel of cheese with this post about the illusion of having it all, and how to get past judgment to do what’s best for you.

Now, the Behavioral Cents site is a little corporate-y and maybe kinda sales pitch-ey. Which ain’t exactly my wheel of cheese. But I found the message in this article to be very nice, and I thought y’all might like it too. Mi queso es su queso.

And that’s a wrap.

Until next time, I’m FinanciaLibre. You stay classy, Luchadores.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.


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