A Money Rhyme for Christmastime

A Money Rhyme For Christmastime

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my head

Not an idea was firing, save one about bread.

My stocks are all hung so high that great Schiller,

Or even bull Siegel might grant a shiver.


Loaned peers and owned land are outside of orbit,

While low VIX and poor gold mean fear has an obit;

And Yellen’s content with just quarter point raises,

But there’s no telling what Fed rule she praises.


When up just ahead we know there’s some worry

Since not all cos’ earnings have risen with hurry.

The bearish will say that’s good reason for cash,

But long-term investors don’t smok-a that hash.


‘Cuz no matter what transient values may break,

There’s always the future for profits to make

Whether invested in funds that mimic a crowd

Or picking cheap stocks pre-term disavowed.


‘Least that’s the story when looking at numbers

And tuning out chat by all the dumb dumbers.

Which is what you should do no matter the game

Or else you’ll be glued to the wrong end of fame.


Just think of the cretins with bold market chimes

Of meltdowns and rises at precisely wrong times.

There’s no way to augur the markets’ big movements,

So much for the cretins and wealth self-improvements.


Which brings us to here, the moment of candor:

“What do we do?” you query and pander.

I like your indulging my ego and views

And so I’ll agree. I’ll act as your muse.


Don’t worry your brains this Christmas-y eve,

There’s money in markets that won’t ever leave.

All you must do is wield this fact:

The steely among us must simply not act.


“What can that mean?” you implore with rage.

To which I reply, “It’s all about age.”

If you’ve got the right shares of money invested

Then don’t change at all when trends become tested.


Stick to your guns and FIRE you’ll find.

‘Cuz good habits’ll keep you free of a bind,

No matter what future events may unfold.

Now no complaining: Your truth has been told.





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