What is FinanciaLibre?

FinanciaLibre is based on a simple idea: Freedom leads to happiness and fulfillment.

And money is a key to unlocking freedom’s doors.

So much of life – choosing where to live; selecting one’s type and quantity of work; exploring the world; acquiring assets; building a business or family – depends critically upon money.

Like it or not, that’s just the way it is.

FinanciaLibre is here to help you bridge the gap between the wealth you have and the wealth you need to for optimal freedom and maximum life awesomeness.

It’s designed to help you make more money.

It’s here to help you keep more of the money you do make.

It’s built to help you achieve the freedom needed to make your life as happy and fulfilling as possible.

No filler. No preservatives. Just the good stuff.

How is FinanciaLibre different?

There are other personal finance resources out there that try to help do something similar to what we do here. Yes, those talk about financial independence and early retirement.

But FinanciaLibre is unique.

First, while it’s believed here that maximizing wealth is the goal of personal finance, it’s also recognized that money is only a tool to help us be happy and fulfilled.

We own money. Not the other way around.

Here at FinanciaLibre, we’re not beholden to unrealistic frugality or money-making schemes that look good on paper but don’t live up to the hype.

If something leaves us feeling like paupers or frays our nerves, it erases all the fun of building wealth…and that just ain’t for us.

Instead, we service our wealth-maximization goal by couching it in its broader role: to improve the happiness and fulfillment – the awesomeness – we get out of life.

We’re after the big fish, and we seek out the most creative approaches to flaying those fish in style.

We do that by:

1) using creativity to move the decimal place on our balance sheet’s asset column, not just tinker with what’s to the right of the period;

2) acknowledging the constraints and demands of real life; and

3) seeking to make the most of every bit of effort and other resource at our disposal, in ways that reach beyond credits and debits – we’re interested in health, wealth and happiness.

Second, FinanciaLibre is based on real economics and finance.

FinanciaLibre’s not just baseless sounding-off about economics-y stuff.

What’s discussed isn’t half-baked drivel.

And we don’t have any patience for catchy language wrapped around ruinous stupidity.

Everything here is based on battle-tested economic principles, rigorous financial analysis and historical success.

Those basic tools are deployed to help us obtain the optimal answers to questions of personal finance, wealth building and economic success, and real-life health and happiness.

Why should you listen to what’s said on FinanciaLibre?

My background is important in helping us achieve our goals. I’m an economist by training and profession. I also have an MBA from a top-5 business school.

I’m the author of dozens of economics research papers and an economics and business strategy textbook that has been updated for multiple editions.

I’ve testified as an expert witness on economics, finance and valuation, and my work has been cited before the Supreme Court.

I’ve started, run and profited from several businesses and ventures.

I’ve advised Fortune 100 companies.

My work has been a part of my life, but so too has my family.

My wife of more than 10 years, Lady Libre, has been a full partner every step of the way. Little Libre, my very young son, is now part of the team.

This family life encompasses athletics like marathons completed (including Boston-qualifying times), experiences like living in three countries, and the joys and complexities of parenthood.

All the while I saved and successfully invested enough money to never have to participate in mandatory work again… clocking out for the last time before I reached age 35.

I benefited along the way from financial intuition based on my education and training, and I’ve spent a long while reflecting on what’s most useful and relevant for building freedom-yielding wealth.

Why was FinanciaLibre started?

I decided the best way to make a positive difference in the lives of as many people as possible was to share, openly, my perspective on wealth-, health- and life-maximization.

I thought now was the right time because I’ve successfully pulled off what to many – including myself a few years back – seems like the impossible.

All of which is to say FinanciaLibre is engineered to help you benefit from my experience.

I wish I’d had a resource like FinanciaLibre when I was starting out. Building wealth and getting the most out of life would have been much, much easier.

So, my feeling is you should listen to what’s said on FinanciaLibre as long as you’re getting something out of it – helpful wealth-building tips and strategies, motivation, new perspectives, etc.

And you should promptly stop listening as soon as there’s nothing more for you here. I’m not interested in wasting your time – it’s one of your most valuable resources.

What can you expect from FinanciaLibre?

You won’t have to put up with a novice perspective on financial issues.

You won’t be misled by glossy, vacuous analyses or ham-fisted treatments of issues that leave you more confused than informed.

You won’t be bogged down by heavy-handed dogma, turgid language, pedantic horseshit, or unnecessarily long-winded prose.

You’re here because you want to grow your wealth and happiness. I’m here to help. That’s all there is to it.

You can expect some wit along with your wisdom, straight-up language and some much-needed levity to punctuate serious discussions of money.

If we can’t have fun doing something as awesome as getting rich, we’re probably in for a tough ride on the way to our final resting hole.

In the fine tradition of the lucha libre, we’ll have a great time even as we rain down folding chairs and flying elbows on ruinous debt and soul-sucking jobs.

So it’s my intention that this introduction is the most self-serious, pretentious, un-fun entry that appears on FinanciaLibre.

But it’s that way for a good reason.

It’s that way because I view this site’s mission as a very important one: to help build financial freedom among people who are interested in doing the (ultimately very little) work necessary to build liberty-providing wealth for maximum happiness.

And I want to convey the seriousness with which I accept that undertaking to you, Luchador.

Having now made that pledge, I invite you to become wealthier, happier and more fulfilled than ever, to achieve complete financial freedom, and to follow dreams that you thought might never be possible…

I invite you to read on, join the newsletter and become a regular visitor, commenter, and builder of amazing health, wealth and happiness.

Why is the site called “FinanciaLibre”?

Simple. Financial issues are what we discuss here. “Libre” is from the Latin for “freedom.” Financial freedom is the goal.

No hated jobs, no crushing debt, no forfeited dreams. Real, amazing, do-able financial freedom.

Also, like the glistening luchadores of Mexican lucha libre wrestling, I value my anonymity. I wear the FinanciaLibre mask. And, as you grow your wealth, I encourage you to do the same.

Oh, and we’re a no-holds-barred kind of people here. Like those glorious luchadores, we don’t hold back.

So read on, grab your financial life by the nuts, twist hard and become a mask-wearing, chest-pounding, high-flying Financia Luchador.

Freedom Through Finance
Freedom Through Finance