You’re here for a good reason.

Your alarm clock slapped you across the face one soulless workday morning too many.

Your checking account has the metabolism of a marathoner on meth.

You’re running faster than ever. Working more, enjoying less, and missing out on life.

You’re more worn out, more overextended and more dissatisfied.

Your future looks bleak…

Endless commutes in lung-roasting traffic.

Numbing PowerPoint sagas.

Meaningless tasks and precious hours traded for a few dollars.

Less time with your loved ones.

A creeping degradation of health.

A slow senescence into the black abyss of total numbness.

So much for even a passing glance at the life you thought you’d have.

You’re suffering, friend, from a disorder known in the medical field as Worker-Drone-Consumer-Junkie-General-Malaise Syndrome. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to, all of the above.

So, you want out of your unfulfilling job.

You want a better life for yourself and your family.

You want security.

You want more from your remaining years on this rock than the universe seems willing to give you.

You’re dissatisfied, frustrated and more than a little pissed there isn’t a way out.

But there is.

First understand, though. Until you start doing something seriously kickass about your condition…you’re stuck.

The Financial Arena

You’re stuck in a 20’ x 20’ ring surrounded by turnbuckles and rope.

You’re getting slapped and kicked, pummeled by flying elbows and harangued by the beer-soaked mob that’s gathered to watch you bleed.

The arena is your financial life.

Sadly for you, there’s no escape.

You can’t climb out of the ring – your vicious opponent sees to that – and even if you could, the drunken masses would be there to shove you right back inside.

There’s no mercy.

There’s just a slow, ignominious slog through the beatings.

So day after day, you take it.

You sit through the hour-long commute daydreaming about something better.

You show up at the office and put in your years doing work that no longer satisfies your intellectual needs.

You occasionally numb the pain with a dinner out or a nice vacation or a new car.

Every once in a while you even think you don’t mind the beatings anymore.

Your strategy, your only choice, really: Outlast your opponent. Then you can retire and ride off into the sunset.

You know that, after a long enough time, say 50 years or so, your faceless mountain of an adversary will eventually tire of beating you and turn to a more energetic, younger victim.

And you, scarred, battered and bloodied, will be carried out of the arena on a stretcher, at last freed from your hopeless battle.

You’ll at last get to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

But, deep down, you know you’ll be too depleted to enjoy your liberty.

And that’s the end of the road.


Or so you think.

There’s actually another way. A way to win.

Here’s where FinanciaLibre can help.

FL’s your ringside coach. The Mick to your Rocky. The Mr. Miyagi to your Daniel-san. The wind beneath your wings, Ms. Midler.

First lesson, grasshopper: That glistening, masked opponent snarling and high-kicking in the shiny leather boots on the other side of the ring?

That ‘roid rage public service announcement in a Speedo?

That hoss who’s been beating your ass for as long as you can remember?

Look close, bro. It’s actually you. Yeah, it’s kind of like that moment in Fight Club when you realize Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden is just a figment of a depraved imagination.

Only here there’s no need to shoot yourself in the face.

A good, hard slap will do just fine. So wind up a good one and let ‘er rip: Detach that blank stare from the front of your brain and wake up.

Feeling a bit better?

Here’s the deal, Humphrey, and I’m not gonna sugarcoat it: You’re the reason for your dissatisfaction, for that feeling of entrapment, for that creeping sense of defeat in life.

You’re the one who’s been senselessly beating your own ass.

You’re the one who’s been making it seem like you can’t get ahead.

You’re the one who’s convinced yourself there’s no way to win.

But there’s a silver lining to that truth. If you’ve been the lock, you can just as easily be the key.

How to Be a Financia Luchador

You can be victorious in this winner-takes-all wrestling match.

The first step is to stop doing the things that are getting you so beat up in the first place.

Take control of the damaging financial habits that seem to be issued to every American along with their Social Security number.

Erase those wasteful everyday tendencies. You don’t need them. They don’t do you any good, and they can be replaced by good life habits you’ll actually enjoy and that start winning you rounds.

Then, realize that the beer-soaked masses in the arena around you are, unlike your masked opponent, very real.

They’re very much a part of your life. They’re your neighbors, co-workers, friends, relatives, old schoolmates, common townsfolk you see at the local rodeo…you name it.

They’re everywhere. They’re the social enforcers of those bad financial habits that trap people in jobs they hate, debt they can’t afford and lives they don’t love.

These masses lead over-leveraged idiot parades of an existence. They shoot up the consumer junkie smack faster than they can write the next racecar lease check to their local Porsche dealer.

And they do it because they’re vaguely dissatisfied and stressed and don’t see a way out. So they deal with it by getting new stuff.

A car that seats 7 for a family of 4.

A two-week trip to the vacation home that sits vacant the other 50 weeks of the year.

A house that is 60% too big.

A regular prescription, doctor’s appointment or similar treatment to remedy physical inactivity and decline.

But there’s only so long the short-term thrills of new stuff can blunt the pain of their own daily beatings of unfulfilling work, stress and financial strain. The positive sensations become shorter with each new hit.

So, debt piles higher and higher to feed the need.

Work stresses mount as each paycheck is spoken for well in advance of its receipt.

The mandatory work sentence grows.

Society around us is engaged in a dangerous financial dance.

They buy stuff to prop up empty visions of materialistic happiness, all the while deepening the very causes of dissatisfaction.

They’re trapped in the make-more-spend-more cyclone of trying to get ahead by buying like they’ve made it.

A Financia Luchador sees through this frenzied mirage.

A Financia Luchador breaks free of the cycle.

A Financia Luchador has a plan to beat the tar out of their alter egos in the financial arena death match.

The Plan of Attack

That plan goes a little something like this:

  • Crush habits that corrode our financial condition and our lives.
  • Undo any bad decisions and start making good ones.
  • Get tucked and lean – make our lives as efficient and awesome as possible.
  • Upgrade our economic standing and life satisfaction with good health.
  • Manage our assets and resources for maximum returns while pummeling risk in our portfolio.
  • Build skills, smarts and valuable experience so every one of our interactions is more profitable.
  • Become generators of new wealth.
  • Smash debt and recurring expenses.
  • Banish superfluous expenditure from our budgets.
  • Retire from mandatory work as soon as possible.
  • Get the very best prospects for a full-on awesome life.
  • Maximize the happiness and fulfillment return on every investment we make, skill we build, and habit we form.

We’re going to break free of that beer-soaked arena.

Victorious. Rich. Free.

And then we can proudly call ourselves the few, the proud, the Financia Luchadores.

Now let’s get to it.