Thanks To You

Some might call this a turkey of a post. Some might deride Sir Libre’s shameless use of terrible puns. Some might even go so far as to write a comment to publicly shame said Libre.

But it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because, no matter what you think or say or comment, you’re here. You’re part of this big FinanciaLibre experiment. You’re filling your computer and tablet and smartphone screens with the delightfully tacky words that spill from my unrefined mind. And some of you are getting that oblique reference to Hooters.

And some of you are even grinning a little and maybe thinking about 3-mile island heat on a wintry day.

And that means I’m warming your life just a little. Much as your being here warms my tiny heart.

All of which is to say, yes, you’re right. This turkey of a post-Thanksgiving post is where Lord Libre says thanks to all you who read, comment, subscribe or tweet to or with or about or on FinanciaLibre.

Thanks To You

I’m genuinely thankful for you. Not just because without you this would be one lonely ride. But because your being here means that maybe – just maybe – the work I’m doing on FinanciaLibre is something you find useful or helpful or at least fun. And maybe – just maybe – some of what’s been written here has helped make you wealthier and happier and healthier and generally better off.

And that makes me happier and healthier and generally better off.

And I’m thankful for that.

So, yes, on Thanksgiving here in Libre-land I was specifically grateful for all y’all. And I remain grateful. And, no matter what turns and twists this FinanciaLibre experiment ultimately takes, I’ll always be grateful.

So. Thanks, y’all!

Now, just so you don’t leave empty-handed this Black Friday-Cyber Monday stretch, let me let you in on a hootin’ deal offered here and only here. That’s this: Expressing thanks and gratefulness for someone or something makes you happier. And healthier. And generally better off. There’s science behind that statement, and I previously mentioned it in a guest post that appeared on my bro Finance Superhero’s fine blog (linked here).

So I won’t go into the science again. But I will offer this hotter-than-3-mile-island-sauce-deal: If you leave a comment in the discussion forum below that says something like “Thanks!” you’ll immediately be happier and healthier and generally better off. For free!!

Is that a too-hot-for-TV kinda deal, or what!?

But wait! There’s more: If you really, really, really wanna get the most from this deal, you can go one step further and be a little more specific with your gracias. Doing that’ll light up your brain in ways that deepen and expand your happiness and healthiness and general well-offness.

It’s an amazeballs deal.

But, heck, you know what: You’re busy with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the weekend sandwiched in between, and you’ve got family and football and feasting to tend to. So I’ll go one mighty step further than even too-hot-for-TV. This deal could possibly even be too hot for the internet. Which basically puts it up into the same heat index as 6-mile island with ghost peppers sprinkled on top.

I’ll write the thanks for you. Now you can get all the benis with none of the effort. Even better!

Here we go. In words that I’m pretty sure mirror exactly what you’d have said:

“Thanks, Sir Libre, for your amazing posts and hilarious puns and cool-as-bleu-cheese-dressing references to Hooters! You’re the best! And thanks for letting me in on this cray-cray Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal! I’m happier and healthier and generally better off already!!”

And now very seriously: Thank you, Luchadores, for being here and being great. I’m thankful for all y’all.


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