The FIRE High Club: Personal Finance Community Greats

I’ll blame it on the season.

It’s all this crackling fire, cozying up with loved ones, good tidings and reflection stuff. The Scandinavians, in between self-congratulatory pats on the back for the safety of their cars and compactness of their furniture shipping, would call it “hygge.”

So maybe I’ve got an acute hygge infection. But don’t worry: It’s much worse than it sounds, and I’m sure I won’t recover.

Which brings us now exactly here. That’s the point where my preamble morphs into what we’re really, actually talking about and the point where we move into Phase 2 of the post which is the actual discussion of the thing we’re really, actually talking about. Or, you know, the point where we get to the point.

And that’s this. My hygge has been intensified and maybe even made antibiotic-resistant by all the good stuff a few of my virtual buds in the blogorealm have been doing.

At the risk of spreading super-hygge like so much affluenza in the first-class cabin of an SAS flight into Copenhagen, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the blogobuds who’ve done amazing work to make the FIRE / Personal Finance / Etc. Community we’re all part of a little more first-class and a little less bacterial infection.

Unlike some previous posts where I’ve highlighted specific articles written by my money amigos, here we’ll be chewing on entire boluses of community-building work done by these bros.

And I’m specifically pulling out of the security line for a full cavity search those bros whose community-building efforts might be at risk of flying under the radar or getting missed by the metal detector or at least deserve to be awarded a pair of clip-on wings or other airport metaphors.

Which is to say there’s lots of other bros and bro-ettes (bras?) out there owed some serious props for their great work. So this ain’t to exclude anybody. Just to highlight some work that’s possibly inconspicuous in nature and thus most in need of a body cavity search.

The FIRE High Club: Personal Finance Community Greats

In no particular order:

Doc Fuego.

My bro Physician on FIRE, M.D., evidently does not have a real, actual doctoring job. Instead, it would appear he’s gassing patients and colleagues en masse so he can tend to his real, actual job of writing great FIRE posts, conducting more PF interviews than Katie Couric on meth, highlighting an A380’s worth of other bloggers’ work, and commenting on various discussion boards with so much wit you need an epidural to calm the laughing spasms.

There’s also lots of tender loving in Doc Fuego’s words. The kind of tender loving that would be right at home beside a crackling fire and a fully executed consent form. He does a great job building the community with positivity and insight. And I’d happily spend a few hours a mile up in first-class with PoF.

The PIEs.

If there’s one bro… If there’s just a single bro out there… It there’s one single bad hombre you want to drop by and just deee-stroy your cranium with a colossally unique and funny and cool comment, it’s Dr. Mr. PIE.

Now, I say this knowing full well that, as in the Libre household, anything done by the Mr. is really, actually done by the Mrs.

And, so, by saying thanks to my bad hombre Mr. PIE for being such a radical dude, I’m really saying thanks to my bad dama Mrs. PIE for being such a radical dudette.

The PIEs have recently taken a hiatus from posting new content on their site, but they remain active in the FIRE community, and they remain valued members of our family of friends. And they remain exactly, precisely the very peeps you’d 100% dig getting seated next to on a flight stranded on the tarmac for 15 hours.

El Grande ERN.

Ok. So you’ve got your airline hierarchy. You start with the discount guys like Southwest (and don’t get me wrong; I love me some LUV). Then you’ve got the next couple rungs of the ladder taken up by the AA’s and the Deltas and Iberias and Aeroflots (not necessarily in that order). And then you’re getting fancy with BA and SAS and the other premium Eurocarriers. And then you move up into the stratosphere with the superluxe commercials like all those extravagant carriers out of the Middle East and Asia that have enough money to make feature-quality ads starring Jennifer Aniston.

And those are all great.

But they’re the beer of air transit. If you wanna get your Perignon on and fly like a G6, you punch your ticket for ERN Air. Ain’t no thang.

The Big ERN’s posts have more original research tucked into them than most university libraries, and I heard there’s a chance ERN’s graphs and charts could be selected for a special exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. But ERN also drops some serious knowledge on comment boards, and does it all with at least as much style as you’d find in a Singapore Air flight attendant’s uniform. We’d be a way dumber community without ERN.

Ty-Rannosaurus @ GRQ.

My boy Ty is a real good hombre who lowers the flaps for serious laughs takeoff with his great discussion board comments.

His wit’s faster than the drinks service on a 30-minute commuter prop flight with half a dozen passengers.

And his heart’s bigger than the layflat legroom you get on a first class trans-Pacific to Narita.

I don’t think Ty’s got a mean gene. Which would absolutely make him the bro you’d want to be seated next to if you got stuck in a window seat right after drinking your bodyweight in craft brews at the Sky Club in Hartsfield-Jackson. You know, ‘cuz he totally wouldn’t mind if you had to soak the lavatory every 12 minutes. Thanks for staying classy, Ty.

Swan Solo.

I’ll refrain from making any “swan flies into the turbofan” jokes in this segment. They’re not that funny, and it’s usually geese that get pureed anyhow.

But I will single out the Green Swan for being a valued commenter and community-builder. Flying from site to site and leaving thoughtful swan droppings that are as golden as any goose’s eggs, El Cisne Verde has a consistent, non-migratory presence in our space, and he does an awesome job of covering cool topics in a downy swan coat on his own site.

JW’s a cool bro I’d happily fly beside, even if we were on different sides of the window.


Steve from ThinkSaveRetire builds community in our space faster than I’m running out of air travel analogies.

Let’s put it this way: Steve’s the bro who’d help you find overhead space for your rollerbag if you were the last one on a crowded 777 worked by flight attendants about as useful as your under-seat flotation device.

Steve-O’s a real champion for different voices in this little comunidad de dinero we’ve got, and it’s supercool to see the welcome sign lit up like a runway for people sharing perspectives and tips. He’s probably showcased hundreds of bloggers’ work on his site, and that’s all with full-time work (though only a week or so separates him from the land of the living; landing gear is down; arrival gate is in sight).

La gente esta muy loca.

For the craziest gent in the fuselage, I’d happily fasten an oxygen mask to Mr. CK before securing my own.

Sir Crazy Kicks does a great job on his own site with fun stories and nice messages, not to mention excellent money insights. But he’s also a regular commenter on tons of discussion boards, and he has a natural way of making shit cooler than it’d be without him.

If you were congregating with other passengers in the back of the plane near a lavatory having overpriced drinks out of plastic cups, you’d 100% want Mr. CK back there with you getting sloppy. Plus he’d probably have drink tickets that he scored free somehow. And he’d probably have snacks. But sharing snacks on a plane is a great way to spread hygge infection, so you’d want to be careful with that.

My thanks to all y’all. And my thanks to the many other great peeps in our community who make this little nubbin of the net an awesome spot for learning and sharing ideas and getting super-infected with warm fuzzies.

Luchadores, this list is obviously incomplete. There are lots of great bros and bras out there in our community who do amazing under-the-radar community-building stuff to make our space sweet. Please leave a name (or two or three…) of someone who does awesome work and give a quick description of what they do and what makes it great – no airplane metaphors required!


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